A rundown house before it was remodeled, with overgrown weeds in the front yard.

Before and after: Two architects cut a house in half to make a home and an ADU

How do you get two L.A. homes for the price of one? Cut a house in half to create an ADU.

A Copaipa cinerea f. inermis from grower Desert Creations.

Photos of the most bizarre cacti and succulents we saw at Cactus Con 2021

The 35th Inter-City Succulent and Cactus Show and Sale made up for a lost year this past weekend, with crowds of cactus-crazy people ogling the exhibits of 1,300 strange and wonderful plants and buying up a storm from the vendors.

An outdoor living area is located beneath the ADU, which is accessed by stairs.

A 740-square-foot ADU floats in the air, creating outdoor rooms on the ground floor

Photos show Gail Otter’s Craftsman-inspired ADU, or accessory dwelling unit, in Echo Park.

John Velasco and Ariel Gomez-Hernandez, with their dog Lando, outside their East L.A. ADU.

He transformed his carport into a stylish ‘granny flat’ for $95,000. Take a look inside

Designer Alexis Navarro is on the cutting edge of a new trend: trying to find ways to build stylish accessory dwelling units without breaking the budget.

Bounty Basic model from Aerogarden.

Hydroponics at home: Grow your own food without the dirt

Soil-less tabletop grow systems allow you to cultivate herbs, leafy greens and more at home.