Al Michaels on how Vin Scully inspired him: ‘I can’t think of anyone more important’

VIDEO | 09:06
Al Michaels on the impact Vin Scully made on his life

Al Michaels talks about growing up listening to Vin Scully on the radio and how the legendary Dodgers broadcaster influenced his life and career.

The impact Vin Scully made on the Dodgers and baseball fans was immeasurable, but he also had plenty of admirers among his broadcasting colleagues.

Famed announcer Al Michaels grew up in New York listening to Scully on the radio and says Scully was one of his inspirations to go into broadcasting. Early in his career, Michaels says, he decided to “just sound like Vinny” in an effort to gain a foothold as a broadcaster.

“When you talk about instrumental people in your lives, I can’t think of anyone more important,” Michaels said.

Michaels said Scully’s ability to make a game feel natural and relatable made him a true original.


“Vinny could take a run-of-the-mill game, a totally forgettable game ... and make it far more interesting than the game itself. And then he can take a great game and make it iconic,” Michaels said.

Check out the video above for Los Angeles Times staff writer Sam Farmer’s entire interview with Michaels about the impact the Dodgers announcer had on his life and career and what Scully means to sports broadcasting.

Legendary Dodgers announcer Vin Scully died Tuesday at age 94. Here’s some of what our staff has written about him now and throughout his celebrated life.